Reasons for chess

Why students or adults should play chess?


  • Chess strengthens problem solving skills.
  • Chess will teach us how to make difficult and abstract decisions independently.
  • Chess will improve reading, memory, language and mathematical abilities.
  • Chess fosters critical, creative and original thinking.

Do we need to be intelligent to play chess? We don’t need to be intelligent to play chess but we can be intelligent by playing chess. Growth of our awareness towards chess, will make us realize the wisdom within us. The following attributes will be gained from playing chess: – Gain confidence – Learn to solve problems – Build discipline – Increase concentration – Learn to strategize – Develop critical thinking skills – Learn to recognize patterns and develop tactics – Improve Communication – Learn sportsmanship – Analyze and evaluate – Creative Thinking – Promote self-esteem – Improve in memory, better organizational skills, increased imagination – More goal-oriented – Development of reasoning in memory and verbal – Enhance reading performance – Improves schoolwork and grades – Realize the full potential within