Registration is free but mandatory. Seats are limited.

For a good start for your child, we need details on his/her current chess skills.

Please send us email to or which include:

  • name and age of child
  • Level that best describe your child chess experience.
    1. Chess 0 – Your child does not know chess moves and needs to start from basics.
    2. Chess 1 – Your child is a beginner, knows all chess pieces move and play at home with family or friend.. etc..
    3. Chess 2 – Your child studied chess previously. Have participates in chess tournaments for beginner.
    4. Chess 3 – Your child already has ratings. (Please include latest ratings)
  • Language : English, Tamil or Malay
  • Your contact information: Name, your location, email and telephone number.

For fastest details, Call or text us now! @ 012-6507802 or 016-3313330
Club members learn:-
– Opening Game
– Middle Game
– End Game
– Others

Other benefits to club members:-
– Internal & External Tournament.
– Meeting with professional players.
– Game with professional players.

Guide special chess as below:-
Myanmar Traditional Chess
Double Chess
Suicide Chess
Crazy Chess & more…