Welcome to Chess Master!

“Chess Master” is passionate about teaching children the game of chess. To them, chess is not just a game, it helps develop one’s ability to solve everyday problems and also teach one to be more patient. Simply put, chess teaches about life! Since conducting “Chess within You”, incorporating with GOSA since 2012, they realized that chess is naturally inside everyone! This has made them more committed in teaching the game.

Through the years, with the wise guidance of Elango Thiyagu, Genkes worked on the idea of chess tournaments for children and chess classes for schools in creative ways. Now, ‘‘Chess Master’ has organizing many chess classes, chess tournaments, chess workshops and other chess activities for children since the years 2007 till now in Malaysia.

The achievement are witnessing their students winning MSSD, MSSS, MSSM and many other tournaments in Malaysia. Chess Master’s students also represent Malaysia for chess tournament, instilling life lessons in the young minds with the Seven Basic Laws of Nature as the foundation.

Chess Master also collaborates with Chess Candidate Master Collin Madhavan and Chess International Master Mok Tze Meng in creating high impact chess sessions.